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Title : The Chaos of Stars
Author : Kiersten White
Genre : YA Mythology
Published Date : September 10th, 2013
Publisher : HarperTeen
Pages : 288
Source : Publisher via Edelweiss, in exchange for an honest review
Rating : ✿✿✿✿


I'm must say I am no stranger to the work of Kiersten White, as I have read her Paranormalcy trilogy. I was not a fan. So I was a bit hesitant to pick up The Chaos of Stars. So I elated when it EXCEEDED my expectations.

"So stop being such a wimp about the potential for pain. If that's how you're going to live your life, you may as well be an empty room yourself. "

— Ry

The Story
In this creatively written modern story, about Isadora, the mortal daughter of Egyptian gods Isis and Osiris. Feeling, trapped, unappreciated and neglected. Isadora leaves Egypt to live in San Diego with her brother and his wife. In San Diego she find love in friends and in a boy who understand her more than she ever though anyone could. And in time an understanding of the family she left behind.

Personally I loved this story. Yes, it wasn't quiet expected. I thought I would see a little more magical happenings in a Fantasy/ Mythology, but I'm not totally disappointed that I didn't.

It was what I would consider a calmer fantasy, one that I unexpectedly connected with as well.

The Writing
I really like Kiersten Whites writing in this book. Not love but LIKE. WAYYY better than what I saw in the Paranormalcy trilogy. It was nice to really see her shine this time around. I also loved how every chapter started with a bit about Isadora's family and their role in Egyptian mythology. And how White did it such a way that it wasn't just a listing of but but seemed like it was something that really happened.

The Characters
I can see a lot of people finding our MC Isadora to be whiny and selfish (as I read from many other early reviews) but I actually saw a little of myself in her character. Now, I don't know what this says about me but as a teenager we do have somewhat of a tendency to be selfish and only see ourselves. Hopefully, we all grow out of it. But if I had parents who were gods, would live for eternity and a mom who had a child every 20 years (how she keeps her body I don't know) and I was just a regular old mortal who would die, than yes I would have some resentment. But Isadora also saw when she was overly harsh with her parents and people in general. And THATS when I started to really love this character.

Isadora's parents, or more specifically her mother, Isis, I really loved. At first I felt a lot of what her daughter felt towards her. I felt like she just USED her daughter and I did not really care for her. However, as the book went on I saw that she really does love her children. I was also a bit enamored with how Isis and Isadora interacted with each other, because it strangely reminded me of me and my mother. And the disappointment and fights that ensued due basic misunderstanding or the few times I felt let down by her. But like Isadora I was really able to appreciate my mom when I learned the valuable lesson every child must learn. Parents are not perfect. Even if they're gods.

Not to much that I can say on Ry just was super adorable and sweet and I just adore him. The book didn't really get TOO in depth with him other than that. Him being there for Isadora and really softening as a person was just enough.

Though there were no amazing characters that totally stole the spotlight, characters like Tyler, Isadora's friend, and Sirus, Isadora's brother, were all still still wonderful in their own right.

The Good
The characters, the story, all GREAT. And I appreciated the bit of realism even in a fantasy.

The Bad
The only bad that I can say is that there is a surprising lack of fantasy in this fantasy/mythology. I believe that there are other aspects of the book the book that make up for but I can see how it would bother other readers.

My Final Thoughts
All in all. A great book that reminded not only of my family but why I love series so much. Filled with great characters that a I will miss and wish I could read about again. But I still unregretfully recommend.