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Now I've been looking for a Mystery/Thriller forever. I don't know why, maybe because I have a hard time finding them, or maybe I just love the suspense. Either way I took me FOREVER to find one. So when I found this book I jumped at the chance to read it.

"You poke evil with a stick, never use you fingers."

—Valerie Ryan

The Story
Well... I have to say I'm a little conflicted when it comes to the story line of this book. On one hand, I thought it was really interesting how the author connected the events of a fictional book to real life events—one as sensitive as online bullying. And there was also some great suspense that was created that did keep me invested. BUT...what bothered me and also kept me from giving a better rating was that it was too SLOW. I mean I can forgive that for some books, but when it comes to my mystery/thriller, I like them to be fast paced.

Most of the book is about twins, Taylor and Hayley, using their powers to solve the death of their estranged friend Katelyn. However, the story seemed to get a bit lost a move away from its goal. I mean the twins really did not even do that much mystery solving.

Despite some of the books slowness I did like it. I, of course, love the paranormal element that was added (doesn't that always make things better?!) with the twins powers.

The Writing
Gregg Olsen is really a great writer. I think that's actually what carried the book. I mean this man can write a a cliff hanger. Once I made it to the halfway I was hooked. I couldn't even get myself to go to bed until I got to the end, which was weird because I already knew who the killer was (or so I thought!).

My only complain of the writing is the many references to the state of Washington. I mean there's A LOT. And as someone from Washington I enjoyed it, but if your not; some of the references might go over your head.

The Characters
Nothing special. Is the best way that I could describe the characters. I mean they weren't annoying or unlikeable in any way. They just weren't very interesting. Taylor and Hayley of course being the main characters in the series were a little dull for my liking. But, I am interested to see how their physic powers develop as the series goes on.

The most interesting characters, for me, were actually the 'killer(s)'. It was interesting to see how people could be so selfish and uncaring but also to find out why they're that way.

The Good
The suspense of course. I love me some suspense, and have been looking for a really good suspense novel. Although, this was not the best by far. It definitely had its moments. Especially, near the end.

I thought the twins physic 'mystery solving' powers was a cool aspect. but as much as it was something that I liked, I think the book may have been better if it did not have it.

The Bad
Uhhh... I guess the paranormal aspect of it. Which I know is a bit contradictory to what I said earlier, but I think that if it did not have the magic part in it the story would have been more believable an easier to get into.

Like I said before the characters, minor or major, were a bit dull and not the type that I could really be interested in. They were just....there.

And the story didn't really go were I wanted it to. I expected these girls to be mystery solvers of a sort but they really didn't do anything. Also, the plot kept making unnecessary detours. I don't know if any of this was on purpose but I didn't like it.

My Final Thoughts
It was not the best mystery read but I would still recommend. Especially, if your looking for a paranormal read more than you are a suspense one. And I am actually excited to read the next book Betrayal, to because I love me a suspense novel. Although I can't help but feel that I am just reading this till I find something better.