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Title : The Infinite Moment of Us
Author : Lauren Myracle
Genre : YA Contemporary
Published Date : August 27th, 2013
Publisher : Amulet Books
Pages : 336
Source : Publisher, in exchange for an honest review
Rating : ✿✿


I really tried to like this book. I did. Actually I went into it thinking that I would love it because I loved the authors Internet Girls series when I was younger and was anticipating a new book from her. Unfortunately this book turned out to be a huge disappointment.

"Charlie's heart told him that Wren was still Wren, that he still loved her, and he would always love her. If she would have him, he would have her - forever."

— Charlie Parker

The Story

In this Contemporary Romance by Lauren Myracle, recent high school graduates Wren Gray and Charlie Parker quickly fall for one another, the though never talking much before hand even though they went to the same school, and explore their love and future in the summer between high school and college.

Honestly, I think this story could have been formed so much better. It spent way to much time focusing on the wrong things. I would have liked to see them get to know each. If this is supposed to be “true love” I want to know WHAT makes them so compatible but I just didn’t get that.

Another theme that bothered me was that people, boy or girl, could fix each other. What I'm saying is, both Wren and Charlie are a little broken for very different reasons and then once they are together they expect for everything to be okay, but It just doesn't work like that. In my opinion you have to love yourself before you can love someone else, and you can support and help someone but they have to face their OWN demons before they can be apart of a health relationship. And I thing its dangerous to say otherwise, especially in a Young Adult book.

The Writing
Don't get me wrong I like Lauren Mryracle and have nothing against her but this.... It's not even that the writing was overly bad. The problem was the message that it sent out. I found the characters, especially Wren, to be selfish and overall bad for each other. Yet the author was constantly tell the readers how wonderful they and their relationship is. And trying to make it so emotional and deep. When it just wasn't. Honestly I found it to be a little obnoxious.

The Characters
God there were times when I really hated Wren. And just when I started to feel for, with all the pressure that was put on her by her parents and how she felt like she had no choices and had to be perfect. I started to like her a little. Then she had to go and ruin it.

I mean the girl didn't want her boyfriend to go help his foster parents and little brother (who is in a wheelchair by the way) when he got sick or was in the hospital. What a horrible, awful, self-cantered person. Then tried to justify her jealousy by say that she felt like Charlie is choosing them over her. REALLY? You know most normal people would think having a sense of loyalty to family is a good thing. Not to her apparently.
And then there's Charlie. I didn't really like him all that much either. But compared to Wren? He was a lot better. I'd say his biggest fault was falling in love with Wren. I mean why. Just why?

I couldn't really understand what they loved so much about each other. It was very much an insta-love, which I cannot stand. Yes, we were TOLD that they were smart, even though I did not see them make very intelligent decisions. They are supposedly kind, and again no prof, more so in Wren's case.

The only time I wasn't annoyed with them was when I felt bad for them. Charlie who had a really rough childhood, so it helped understand him more and the decisions he made. And I thought the book would have been I a lot better if we'd seen Charlie take more time to accept what happened to him.

Secondary characters were...well just that secondary on there when they were need. It didn’t appear as if to much time was spent on their personalities. I liked Tessa but only because she told Wren, that she was being selfish.

The Good
Not much. Not much at all.

The Bad
In my opinion Wren and Charlie's relationship wasn't sweet, or loving or any other special crap that the author tried to sell us. It was more destructive than anything.

First of all, any connection they had was mostly based off of sex. And no I am not that naive I know teenagers have sex, as an 18-year-old, I know. But I also know that is isn't healthy, mature or smart to have a relationship that is based off of sex and think its anything more than that.

And when they weren't doing it they were talking about random crap that did nothing for the story, Wren was throwing unnecessary tantrums for no reason. And instead of talking things out like a normal person she just stopped answering his texts. Not like that's immature or anything. If anything I thought that Wren made Charlie's life worse. Not better which, an idea that was constantly being shoved down my throat

I just really wanted them to break up, but we can't always get what we want.

My Final Thoughts
It was really hard for me to rate this book. It was almost a 1 star but I gave it 2 because I did not want to be harsh and there were one or two things I liked. I sure that there are people out there that will absolutely love this, and I say more power to you. However, I cannot possibly recommend it.