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Title : Canary
Author : Rachele Alpine
Genre : Comtemporary
Published Date : August 1st, 2013
Publisher : Medallion Press
Pages : 288
Source : Publisher, in exchange for an honest review
Rating : ✿✿✿✿


I have always had in interesting relationship with contemporary books. I like them just fine. I really do. But I hardly ever read them. Why? I don't really know. Well.. I didn't know but i do now. They are all SO emotional an Canary is no different.

"With just a click, I jumped, sang and told the world everything in a voice so loud there was no way Dad or anyone else could act as if they didn't hear me. "

— Kate Franklin

The Story
I really liked this book. Told from the POV of Kate Franklin our MC it's about how she learn of the downside of popularity and how much the people of her town is willing to forgive it's basketball players who are basically seen as gods.

The book was short (for me at least) it said everything that it needed to.

The Writing
The story was very well written. I especially loved the little poems that Kate wrote on her blog. In a way it to more and gave more emotion than the rest of the book did.

Like I said before the book was short. But not in a way where you feel that anything was left out.

The only thing was that sometimes it got a little confusing because scenes changed so abruptly that it took a moment for me to notice. I don't no if this was because it was an ARC or what. Otherwise the writing was great.

The Characters
Although I was always annoyed with the characters at one time or another, I still loved them for how realistic they were. The emotions, feelings and the mistakes they made made the book seem more like real life.

I liked Kate for a MC. Yes there were time she was VERY naive and blind to what was happening around her, so much that it got to the point of being just stupid. But the book would not have worked if she wasn't. i all honesty I know that there are a lot of people who have "friends" that really don't deserve the tittle of being called a friend but they hang around them anyway because of the lure of popularity.

Kate dad was such a frustrating character for. I mean I don't like sport and I don't get them and I am not going to pretend to. However, I do realise that there are people in the world who love sport but even so I can't imagine loving so much that you choose it over you own children. And that's exactly what Kate dad did.

Where similar to you regular backstabbing "popular kids" but with a little more depth, that really helped the story.

The Good
The realism, the characters, the writing and the story, basically everything.

The Bad
Does making me cry count, if not than nothing.

My Final Thoughts

I belive that this is a read that yo can really learn from and love but not if yo don't like getting emotional. Because you will. This book was really and I would recommend whether or not you like contemporary. I am more of a fantasy person myself but I still loved it.