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Title : The Collector
Author : Victoria Scott
Genre : Paranormal Romance
Published Date : April 2nd, 2013
Publisher : Entangled Teen
Pages : 352
Source : Library
Rating : ✿✿✿✿✿


I'm always a little reluctant to read "popular" books. If I don't like it I end up really disappointed and think "Is there something wrong with ME?". And I would definitely categorise this book as popular.

Around April, when it came out, you couldn't visit a book blog without hearing about it. But I decided to go ahead and give it a try. And I can easily say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made (book wise)!

"She looks like a porcelain doll...beat three times with an ugly stick."

—Dante Walker

The Story
Very well written and very well paced. I think one the things I liked the most was Dante's attempts, to make good girl Charlie make some bad decisions, go down in flames.

And to see them realistically grow to love each other. No outplayed insta-love for this couple.

The Writing
Victoria Scott's writing style is just...amazing. I mean, seriously. It's intelligent yet not prissy or hard to read.

The way she writes her characters is really smart and they talk like actually teenagers, without it seeming like shes trying to hard. Not to mention the all the awesome humour that is in The Collector. I think that this is the first time that I have ever LITERALLY laughed at loud while reading a book.

The Characters
Lets start with Dante. My God, I'm in love. And I felt bad about at first. The guy is a total arrogant, self-obsessed jerk for the first 25% of the book. But every time he said something I could not help but smile. The guy is hilarious, every time I wanted to hate him (and I KNOW I should) I just couldn't.

Charlie is so sweet and lovable. At first I kind of saw her as weak and blind to who Dante was. Until I realised that she is strong, just in a different way than you would expect. She has a kindness that a lot of people don't have and was able to see the good in Dante that no one else could.

"Because I see you. Even though you try so hard to hide, I see you, anyway."

—Charlie Cooper

I love the romance in the book en though its fiction I fine the romance aspect to be realistic. I like that Dante love HER not just her looks.

The Good
Everything was on point. The characters, the story, the humour, the romance. Just everything.

The Bad

**Spoiler Alert**

Okay there was one thing that annoyed me was Charlie getting her "makeover". Yeah Dante loved her before all that, but after making it such a big deal that this attractive guy loved this regular girl, it was a bit of a cop-out to make her pretty anyway.
But that did not take away how much I loved the book!

**End Spoiler Alert**

My Final Thoughts
Overall, I LOVED this book. I am officially a Dante fan. And I totally recommend it to anyone. I am now going to be one of THOSE people who never stops talking about something that WAS cool but everyone else has moved on. Thanks Victoria Scott *says me sarcastically*.