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The third book of the Bloodlines series starts off a couple of weeks after The Golden Lily, with Sydney trying to remain in a friendship status with Adrian (why?!) . While also locating the mysterious rogue alchemist: Marcus and fighting the danger of Ms. Terwilliger's powerful witch sister.

I loved this book! I'm pretty sure that I read the whole thing with a huge smile on my face like an idiot, especially any parts with Adrian and Sydney together. If you've read the first two books in the series (which I recommend) than of course your going to love this book like I did.

I feel like the characters are really what makes this book for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing Sydney grow since The Vampire Academy books, shes just one of those easy to love characters. She's smart without being annoying, and doesn't make dumb decisions or fawn nonsensically over a boy but shes still imperfect in a way that makes her relatable. Ah.. Adrian I wanted to just tell him to forget about Sydney and come be with me, HA! But no, you have to be blind to not see that they're meant for each other. The fun banter between them brings both comic relief but also adds to their likability. I even love the minor characters; Jill and Eddie always make me smile, I really hope that they end up together by the end of the book. The only person I didn't like was Marcus, I know that he had a actual purpose in the story but I couldn't help but feel that he was dull and a little out of place in the book.

I won't say anything to spoil the ending but I will say it was a huge shocker that left me wanting to jump write into the book.

The Bloodlines world, although obviously fantasy, is written in a way that makes it seem very real. When I'm reading a book I usually see it as movie in my head, and Mead's writing style makes that easier with vivid plot and character descriptions. I also really like that Richelle Mead isn't bothering with a love triangle at this point because it gets so overplayed in teen literature. My only real plot negative is that at some points the story gets a bit slow but it's not in a way that obvious or bothersome.

My Final Thoughts:

To anyone who loves magic, vampires or just a really good book, I totally recommend The Indigo Spell. But read Bloodlines and The Golden Lily first! Adrian and Sydney's believable and sweet relationship will please romance fans but the incorporation of magic brings in some action as well. I can't wait for the next book: The Fiery Heart

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