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Hey! My name is Chloe, I am an 18- year-old college student. I love reading and review YA fiction and am the co-blogger of [B.O.O.K.L.I.F.E]. I also love action moveies, cats, and tea.

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The Story

You know when you happen upon a book and it's so good that your like"Why haven't I heard of book before now?! Why due to this crazy and horrible universe have I not read this before now? And why am I not in the street shoving my Kindle in peoples faces, threatening to set them on fire if they don't read it!". Oh, probably because I'd be committed if I did. Anyway, the rest is still true, this book was amazing!!

A book about a young girl living in an orphanage after her parents were tragically taken away in a horrible war. Sounds simple enough right? Wrong! The book is soooo much more that. In fact, the plot has so much going on you would think it would be messy, but its not. I enjoyed getting to learn about the nature of Leah's/Christine's (I won't tell you why I'm also calling her Christine because that would be a spoiler) powers and who her parents were right along with her.

The Writing

The writing in this book was wonderful. Especially in relation to Leah/Christine. I felt like I was really able to see inside her head. Sometimes I felt like I was her. And the way M. Lathan wrote the characters insecurities and depression, but also her moments of anger is so realistic that there were moments when I was actually a little scared of the main character.

The Characters

I really liked Leah/Christine. There were so many moments in the book, especially in the beginning when she was being bullied, that I just wanted to hug her. She's just the type of character you gotta love :) It just broke my heart when she was so hard on herself and how she felt like she wasn't worthy. So I really enjoyed when she started to make friends and to understand herself and her powers.

Oh, Nathan. Yes, I liked him, even though his love for for Leah/Christine boarded on obsession to me and I thought he overreacted when she revealed something to him but she forgave him, so I do too ;)

Paul and Emma's parts were small but it did not take long for me to fall in love with them either because of their friendship with Leah/Christine. Also Emma has a French accent, so cute!!!

I was on the fence about Sophia for awhile because I wasn't sure if her intentions were good or not. But grew to love her as well. I think it was because her kind and loving nature reminded me a lot of my mom :)

The Good

Ugh! Everything! The characters most of all. Fiction or not there just the type of people you wish you knew.

The crazy twist plot line (sorry, I'm being so general with my review, I just don't want to spoil anything!) was just awesome.

And of course you KNOW I loved the magic and I hope to see A LOT more in the next book.
The Bad

Nothing! I guess I can say that the pace was a little slow and because I like strong characters I didn't really like how low Leah's/Christine's self-esteem could be but both had it's purposes. So again nothing! Ugh just ignore me.

My Final Thoughts

Since this review is basically just me GUSHING you're probably wondering why I gave it a 4.5 review and it's only because of the slow beginning but thinking back it did not really bother me/. So thank you Xpresso Blog Tours and thank YOU M. Lathan for allowing me read this book because I really loved it! I love any book with witchy happenings so this book definitely does not disappoint. I CANNOT wait to read Lost and see what happens next with the characters.